Why Study In Malaysia

Study in Malaysia is a healthy choice. It will provide you with the experience of multicultural, colourful, independent and developed life style. Malaysia has a number of world class colleges and universities which are at the top of world’s university list. Malaysia is more desirable because of its reputable degrees, low tuition fees, and excellent educational system. Malaysia also offers scholarships in almost all fields.

According to an official release Malaysia had an overall ranking as world’s 10th most competitive country. It has advance and independent economy. World Bank has reported Malaysia as world’s 24th most business friendly country.

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Malaysia is a nation of different races, culture & religion. It is in the heart of Southeast Asia. It comprises of two distinct area West & East Malaysia. The total land area is approximately 329,758 km and is separated by sea by 40 miles. East Malaysia consist of federal territory & two large states Sabah & Sarawak. West Malaysia consist of 11 states & 2 federal territories. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala lumpur.

The climate is warm & humid throughout the year. Temperature is 30 C during day & 22 C at night. Bahasa is national language but Mandarin, English & Tamil is widely used. Malaysia is known as Asia’s food paradise. A place to have huge varieties of cuisines which includes vegetarian to western.

Cost of studying

Average annual tuition fee costs to study a degree in Malaysia are around RM17,000 (£3,500) a year.


Undergraduate Bachelor Degree – US $11,000 to US $18,000

Postgraduate Masters Degree – US $9,000 to US $18,000

Cost of living

One major attraction for International Students to study in Malaysia is the relatively cheap cost of living in Malaysia. The total cost of expenditure for accommodation, either on-campus or off-campus, is reasonable and within the students’ budget. The cost of living while you are studying in Malaysia will depend on the location and lifestyle you keep up with. Average monthly rental for a single room (twin-sharing) per student is between RM250 and RM450 (USD68 to USD122). Other expenses such as food, transportation, laundry and other essentials, based on an ordinary lifestyle, are estimated to be between RM600 and RM700 (USD162 to USD189 per month).

Therefore, the total cost of living will average to approximately between RM900 and RM1,200 (USD243 to USD324) per month or about RM11,000 to RM14,000 (USD 2,973 to USD3,784) per year (12 months) for one student.

To study in Malaysia you must obtain a student pass. To gain one of these you will need to have a firm offer from a university as well as the necessary entry visa. Contact your chosen university and department before applying for your visa, as they will be able to advise you on the process and help you get the documents you require.

The national and official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu (Malay).  Since Malaysia is so diverse, there are also many other languages (Asian) and dialects spoken, with English being used fairly prevalently.  Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew and Hainanese are the main Chinese dialects with Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujerati and Urdu being the common India languages.

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